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Al Reem Island 3 Bedroom For Sale

Al Reem Island 3 Bedroom For Sale

Цена Тип Спальни Бани Парковка Размер Reference Number Собственность Сообщество
Аэд 1,500,000 Квартира 3 3 1 1,312 Футы AP46284 Мосты Остров Аль Рим
Аэд 1,550,000 Квартира 3 4 2 1,794 Футы AP17797 Мангровые Места Остров Аль Рим
Аэд 1,570,000 Квартира 3 3 2 1,625 Футы AP43860 Мейра Башня Остров Аль Рим
Аэд 1,600,000 Квартира 3 4 1 1,774 Футы AP23143 Марина Высоты 1 Остров Аль Рим
Аэд 1,650,000 Квартира 3 3 1 1,475 Футы AP62604 Мосты Остров Аль Рим
Аэд 1,650,000 Квартира 3 3 1 1,404 Футы AP62369 Мосты Остров Аль Рим

Al Reem Island, 'The Pearl' and 'Emirates Pearl Island', is a residential, commercial and business project to be built on the natural island 600 meters off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi Island. Reem Island is connected to the Abu Dhabi city island by 2 or 3 bridges and be located 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The Island is being developed by three master developers Sorouh Real Estate (Shams Abu Dhabi Sorouh owns 20%), Reem Investments owns the 20%, and Tamouh Investments owns 60%. One of the first free zones in Abu Dhabi, where foreign nationalities can buy properties as leasehold.

The Island is estimated to accommodate 280 thousand residents and will include important amenities like schools, medical clinics, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, gardens, and beaches. Properties that are available in Al Reem Island will be on a extendable 99-year leasehold basis.

What is the price for sale в Al Reem Island 3 Bedroom For Sale ?

The starting price for 3 for sale в Al Reem Island is Аэд 1,500,000

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