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Тала Башня summary

Тала Башня summary

Тип Недвижимости Квартира
Доступные Спальни 1, 2, 3Спальни
Цена от Аэд 770,000
Дата Запуска Nov 2006
Владение От Октября 2011
Property Age 50
Диапазон Области 904 - 2056 Футы
Расположение Остров Аль Рим

Tala Tower is a luxurious residential tower on Al Reem Island consisting 375 apartments. The Tower’s facilities include a gym, a spa, a ladies-only lounge, a swimming pool, a game room, a prayer room, and assorted function rooms that provide a comfortable and cosmopolitan lifestyle. GFA 10,461 sq. m Total Number of Residential Units 375 apartments.

Tala tower is just five minutes away from Abu Dhabi Downtown and Abu Dhabi Mall. Convenience stores are available as well in the community . It’s a perfect choice for people who seek peace of mind and high life style standards. Tala Tower is financed by major banks which provide different finance schemes that allow you to live now and pay later.


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